Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cricut Imagine

I just received the Cricut Imagine this week and due to my schedule I really haven't had a chance to play with it.  Well I made time this weekend and all I can say is WOW.. I am having a load of fun with it. .  I made this Thank You card using my Imagine and Nursery Tails.

A little back story, my desk at work has plastic rubber ducks all over it.   And it has become a stopping point for a lot of people when they come in from other offices. They all have to stop and see the rubber ducks they have heard so much about.   One of my co workers went to Hawaii for vacation and guess what he picked me up some ducks!!  How cool is that!  The ducks haven't arrived yet.. But when they do I will be sure to send him this adorable and very appropriate card.

Birthday Card

I posted this on the imagine board but decided to post it here also. It looks like this area gets more traffic then the Imagine board.

The little girl is a stamp is from Stampin up (Greeting Card Kids)

She is framed with cut outs from Imagine More. I changed the colors of the Imagine More cuts to fit the theme of my card. The branches are a MS punch and the leaves are from an ek punch I picked up years ago and have never had the chance to use..

The inside is a Shakespeare quote.  The card stock is covering a message to my friend

I am finally bloggin!!!

For YEARS I have thought bloggin was the most asinine thing to do.. Like who really wants to know anything about me?  Or better yet do I really want to share any of myself with everyone out there in cyberspace??? The answers would be everyone no one and maybe maybe not!  What I will share here are photos of crafty things I have made and maybe more at a later time.